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Based on DuPont's internet advertising and a sample of its "Crema Marfil" Zodiaq countertop, my wife and I purchased, through DuPont's licensed retailer and wholesaler, new countertops. The product is represented as being beige in color with marble-like veining throughout.

When the countertops were installed, however, they did not resemble the advertisement or sample. The installed product is almost entirely solid in color with a few disparate patches that look like stains. We complained to DuPont. DuPont sent an unprofessional, biased contractor to inspect and write up a report that, DuPont claims, supports its denial of coverage under its warranty.

DuPont has refused to provide a copy of this report despite repeated requests. DuPont is seeking to hide behind an inconspicuous disclaimer that the color and pattern may not be identicial to the advertising or sample. The product we received, however, does not even resemble the advertising or sample. I believe that DuPont has false and misleading advertising, is in breach of its warranty and is acting in bad faith in resolving our claim.

I am an attorney and would be very interested in hearing from anyone else who may have had a similar experience -- particularly with the "Crema Marfil" Zodiaq product. I am contemplating commencing formal legal action against DuPont and if there are others that are similarly situated to my wife and me, I will consider bringing the action on behalf of all such persons. If you are in a similar situation, please describe your situation in an e-mail to me.

My e-mail address is Thank you.

Monetary Loss: $5357.

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I am glad that you wrote this review. I have the same product and am very unhappy with it.

It looks like someone spattered used (black) cooking oil on it. When I commented to the kitchen store where it was purchased, I was told that I would not even notice the blotches once I had things on my counter top!

It had never crossed my mind that I would be spending all this money and then be expected to spread things around on my counter to try to cover the blotches! I have also contacted DuPont to no avail.

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